Sonia Gandhi- Politician Leading India’s Oldest Political Party


Every individual who doubted capabilities of Women in Politics in India got their doubts cleared ever since Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister of India. In Her regime as the pm of India she displayed her power and potentials in politics. After several years Sonia Gandhi who earlier was adamant on not getting into politics became the chief of the India’s back then biggest and oldest political party- Indian National Congress.

India is a country where we hear news of women harassment, rape, eve teasing on the every day basis. There still exist a mentality of ‘how can a woman be our boss?’ in men dominated nation. Even the ruling BJP government made the election of west Bengal a matter of prestige. And it became difficult for them to digest their defeat in the election by a female powerful politician Mamata Banerjee. 

An incident had took place in Andra Pradesh were a handicapped female clerk was badly beaten by a man. She had just asked him to put up the mask. But his ego got hurt and he had beat the lady through rod. Severals such incidents took place on regular basis were still a female rule or power is not accepted easily. Films are also made on this issue like Ek Villain were Ritiesh Deshumkh essayed the role of psychopath assassin who murders women who orders him and that makes him feel annoying. Well that is even in reality. 

However, Congress as party is a guiding light in this case. It has been twice headed by female leader. First Indira Gandhi and second Sonia Gandhi who continues to lead as the acting president of the AICC. the party till date. All the members of congress taking from MPs, MLAs to grass root karyakartas everyone follows her leadership. It was under her guidance UPA managed to form government for two full consecutive terms. 

After the demise of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi there was a question that was being raised that who will keep the Congress intact and under whose guidance it will work? Sonia Gandhi leading from front became the answer for all the questions. Her way of work, her influence over the people has helped to pull off the role and today she is nailing it. 

If we look from a broader perspective, according to United Nations report, Only in 22 countries Women serve as Heads of State or Government, and 119 countries have never had a woman leader. Just 10 countries have a woman Head of State, and 13 countries have a woman Head of Government. 

Thus Congress and Congress followers should take a pride in the fact that their party is part of the pivotal change not just in India but globally. As they are one of those few political parties which are lead by female politician.