Stock Market Update- Traders Should Avoid Trading And Focus On Capital Protection

Today morning both major US index futures are positive by +105 and +13 points respectively and Singapore nifty (SGX NIFTY) trading flat to negative by -10 points hence will be opening flat to gap down on Indian Markets.


Yesterday Indian markets were strong. Nifty closed at 16013 which is +150 points. Yesterday bank nifty was also strong and closed at 33158 which is +286 points. Yesterday US market was negative. Dow was -184 points (-0.56%). IT index i.e. Nasdaq was also weak and closed -35 points (-0.28%).

Yesterday (Foreign institutional investors) FII were net Sellers and have sold 8142 crores in the cash market. On the other hand (Domestic institutional investors) DII were net Buyers and have bought 6489 crores in the cash market.

The reason is to worry in markets as the war between Russia and Ukraine gets worst. War is always the worst thing for markets. If this war continues further then there is a possibility of world war. Russia has carried out a drill of Nuclear weapons. Russia is still aggressive against Ukraine and they have asked the nuclear attacking team to be on high alert Russia can use this attack if the USA comes in between. If this happens it will get worst for markets as well.

Until and unless this problem gets solved traders should avoid trading in markets hence we have not given any support and resistance levels above. Investors should invest in every dip. Now if markets come near 15500 then the investor should invest 50% of their appetite.

The inflation will be on the highest levels if war continues as fuel prices and metal prices will rise as Russia is a major exporter of this. This inflation is a reason to worry for markets as interest rates can increase by FED and RBI.

Traders should protect their capital and should avoid trading in this kind of a market as this situation is once in a lifetime situation and hence should learn then try to earn.

The way Russia is aggressive and fighting unethically is a reason to worry. The way FII’s are selling is something insane and hence every investor should wait for dips in the market and invest for the long term. Traders should avoid trading and focus on capital protection. Traders should completely avoid it. It’s a humble request for all the traders reading this should avoid trading.

The US has banned imports of oil and gas from Russia. This can lead to an increase in crude oil prices and hence yesterday US markets went down. Ukraine’s president has said that they don’t want to be a part of NATO now and this is a positive statement to end the war.