Supreme Court’s Decision On Pegasus Snooping Gate Is A Strong Excoriation Of Central Government

Supreme Court's Order To Form An Independent Committee To Vet The Case Is Appreciated By Many As It Yet Again Assured Supreme Court's Firm Impartiality


Supreme Court in its verdict on Wednesday, October 27 said that an Independent committee will investigate the Pegasus snooping gate. This issue got highlighted in July 2021, when 16 international media outlets including India’s The Wire and The Indian Express broke the news of Pegasus Snoopgate. It is spyware of an Israeli organization named NSO.

The news created agonizing uproar across the nation as it is alleged that the spyware was used to snoop on politicians, journalists and social activists by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) run central government. For the last three months, the game of accusations and rebuttal is going on between the ruling government and the opposition.

  • Supreme Court’s Decision On Pegasus Spyware-
    Supreme Court excoriated the central government saying it cannot use ‘national security as an excuse to conceal information. Further, it stated that an independent committee will be organized to look into the matter. The committee will be chaired by a former supreme court judge. Eight weeks duration is given to the committee to probe the accusations.

  • Pegasus Snooping Deteriorates Indian Democracy-
    Union government in its statement said that it could not share any information about its usage of the Pegasus spyware using ‘national security issue’ as a shield. The alleged breach of an individual’s privacy infringed the right and freedom of people and the right to privacy. This is also a threat to the freedom of the press in the world’s largest democratic country.
  • Reaction Of Opposition Leaders On Supreme Court’s Decision On Pegasus Snooping
    The moment after the court’s decision several opposition leaders from Congress and Trinamool Congress took to their social media handles to welcome the decision. Many journalists as well expressed their opinion on the same here we take a look-
  • What Is Pegasus Snooping Case
    Pegasus is a cyber tool that is used to hack smartphones and the content in them. The software of the NSO group is being used to spy on the person’s digital data taking from phone tapping to every single move a person does on his mobile phone and internet. It has been used in different countries across the globe including India and on more than 50,000 people.
  • These Are The Panelists To Investigate Pegasus Snooping Case
    The Supreme Court has comprised a three-member panel to look into the matter of Pegasus Snooping. The panel will be inspected by former Supreme court Judge RV Raveendran. The three panelists have expertise in cyber security, digital forensics, networks, and hardware. The panel will constitute Naveen Kumar Chaudhary, Prabaharan P, and Ashwin Anil Gumaste.