Taliban Holds Around 150 Indians Captive In Kabul


Around 150 Indian citizens, were abducted by the Taliban from the vicinity of the Kabul airport Saturday morning, according to a government source who also mentioned that they were in no immediate danger. This incident took place hours after an Indian Air Force transport aircraft successfully evacuated around 85 Indian citizens from Kabul; the plane has landed securely in Tajikistan, sources said, adding that another aircraft is on standby in India to carry out further evacuations.

This has raised the tension in India. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had earlier said the government is “very carefully” observing the situation in Kabul and Afghanistan, but that the prime focus is on safely vacating all citizens. The Indians were being interrogated at a nearby police station, as per the sources. On the other hand, back-channel talks are in process to ensure the safe release of all Indian nationals, the source added.

However, the official statement from the Ministry of external affairs of India is still awaited. As per the sources, it is being said that these people have been taken to the police station close to the airport for verification of documents by Taliban.