The Current Geo-Political Crisis In Europe Is A Win-Win Situation For Russia’s President Vladimir Putin

Geo-Political Crisis Is Going On In Eastern And Western Europe At Poland, Belarus, And Ukraine. Russia And Its President Vladimir Putin Is Closely Monitoring As He Has Vested Interest


Tension is rising in Europe and European Union as the crisis worsens at the Belarus Poland border. It is because of the migrant problem which aroused in Belarus allegedly by its authoritarian ruler Alexander Lukashenko. Migrants majorly from the middle east and Asia are facing grave problems on the border as they are stuck in between. Poland is not opening its doors for them while Belarus doesn’t want them and migrants are homeless.

Russia And Belarus- Poland Crisis

Many believe that Russia is a key player in creating this turmoil. Poland had earlier accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being the mastermind behind all this chaos on the border and geopolitical crisis. However, in response, Putin had refuted the accusation and has criticized European Union for its double standards. According to the reports Russia is the strongest ally of Belarus and Lukashenko’s government has received loans and political aid from Russia.

Russia’s Game Plan

This situation is advantageous for Russia’s Vladimir Putin. If Poland opens its border and welcomes migrants then it will not be an onerous task to move around. This will eventually result in different states blaming each other creating divisions and blocs which in turn will divide the European Union which will be a plus for Russia.

Vladimir Putin And Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko

On the other hand by extending support to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko Putin is playing a double game. He is likely being the peacekeeper and the igniter at the same time. Earlier, Moscow had shared photos and videos on social media of Russia displaying two of its bombers keeping an eye on Belarusian airspace. It appears that Putin is playing a safe game as the differences are rising in Western Europe with the crisis at the internal borders making them vulnerable an advantage to Putin.

Russia And Ukraine’s Border Crisis

The border dispute is rising in eastern Europe’s Ukraine as the Russian forces have gathered around the eastern border of Ukraine. According to the reports by NATO official over 90,000 troops has gathered near the border of Ukraine and the temporarily occupied territories by Russia. In 2014, Russia had invaded Ukraine and the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea.

Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine In 2014

According to the experts and political analysts, this time the motive of Russia to invade Ukraine is different than that of 2014. Now, Russia aims to show its power in the region. Ukraine in the recent past had tried to develop relations with the west thus Russia wants to show the West and Ukraine that Russia is still a prominent and major force in the region.

Vladimir Putin is very well aware that by increasing forces at the border west will surely respond. This will eventually force the western leaders to conduct talks with him to de-escalate the situation. That will mark his legitimacy and prominence in the west and the world as a whole. He creates such a situation where he is the creator of the problem and the resolver.