The New Era Commences In Germany With Olaf Scholz Becoming The New Chancellor Of Germany

All Eyes On How Newly Elected Social Democrat Chancellor Olaf Scholz Will Lead Germany Internally And Globally


Olaf Scholz is a poised leader who deserved to be the successor of Angela Merkel as he was the vice-chancellor and finance minister in the former government. Scholz is known as a people’s man due to his down-to-earth nature. Scholz is seen as the symbol of change that is expected from him in his tenure.

Immediate Crisis Olaf Scholz Will Face

Angela Merkle who has an era on her name as governed Germany for 16 years stepped down as chancellor. Olaf Scholz being chancellor has some immediate matters to look into which include climate change crisis, dealing with China and Russia, sustainable development, and the disastrous fourth wave of Covid with newly found variant Omicron.

Olaf Scholz And Three Party Government

Scholz will be leading a three-party coalition government that includes social Democrats, greens, and free democrats. The coalition government aims to include many women leaders in the cabinet.  It also plans to lower the voting age limit from 18 to 16 in a national election. The election went on well with no bitter rivalry which is a rare thing among the former chancellor and the successor.

Germany And The World

For the International level, Germany will hold on to the human rights issue by China in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It will also strengthen itself in the European Union. The country will continue to be part of NATO and strengthen its nuclear power by adding nuclear weapons to its force in a deal with the USA. Thus it will not much vary from the way it was under Angela Merkel.

Olaf Scholz Key Focus On Climate Change

This government will more focus on the climate change crisis. On the top of the list will be a reduction in the usage of coal by 2030, emphasizing the renewable form of energy which by 2030 is expected to provide 80% of Germany’s electricity with maximum electric vehicles running on the streets of Germany. The government will also propose an increase in the minimum wages.

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Who Is Olaf Scholz

Olaf Scholz is a leader who believes in himself. In his political career so far he has been through several ups and downs yet never gave up. Every time he came back stronger. In was accused in two of the scandals but from that as well he pulled himself out and did not tarnish his reputation at all. Over the years in his political career, he has transformed himself which has helped him to become what he is today.

Germany And China’s Relations

As soon as Scholz became the new chancellor, China was among the first few countries who sent him congratulatory messages. China’s President Xi Jinping has personally congratulated Scholz. In his message, he highlighted the relations between China and Germany. In 2022, both countries will mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Germany.

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As a finance minister Scholz had introduced some economic policies which were widely appreciated and were even followed by European Union. Being a finance minister he did a fabulous job for Germany. Thus a former finance minister becoming a current Chancellor of Germany is undoubtedly advantageous for the country in the long run ahead!