These Are The Elite Politicians BJP Lost Quite Early!


Bharatiya Janata Party is one of the old political parties in India. Over the decades this party has transformed and evolved. These party and its leaders had done immense struggle to reach to the point what it is today! 

A party becomes popular and efficient because of its leaders. And BJP as a party has a rich legacy put forth by its politicians. The leaders of this Party have even got imprisoned but that made them and the party even more stronger. The party have had intellectual leaders like S P Mukherjee, Murali Manohar Joshi, L K Advani, Atal Bihari Vajpayee,etc. This are the leaders who have an era in the Indian Politics.

Then there are leaders like Arun Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari, Rajnath Singh, Manohar Parikar, Sushma Swaraj who had and will always have a special place in the party and in the Indian Politics. However with the course of time, some leaders passed away. But there are leaders who passed away quite early then their time. And if they would have been alive then BJP would have been even more stronger and had some elite politicians.

Manohar Parikar

Parikar is one of those political leaders led a simple personal life but made huge name and had impact in politics. He has always worked and called himself a BJP karykarta even though he served as the Chief Minister of Goa or the Union defense minister. He was one of those ground to earth politician. His connection with people Goa was very deep. His death felt was early for his followers and for Party as well. 

Arun Jaitley

Known as one of the most scholarly politician not only in BJP across the parties, Jaitley, was the man of honour. During his term as the Union Finance Minister he tried to improve the Indian economy. His existence today would have helped party even in the assembly elections in different states. He died of illness in Delhi. And his absence in the Indian politics is felt in even today.

Gopinath Munde

Gopinath Munde is popularly known as the People’s leader. His contribution in the Party especially in the state of Maharashtra. He was one those leaders who took immense efforts who helped BJP reach new heights in Maharashtra. He was a politician with high morals and ethics. He had friends and good connection with politicians across all the parties. If would he would have been still alive politics in Maharashtra would have been really different then it is today. 

Sushma Swaraj

Swaraj is the leader whose name will always be remembered as one of the best parliamentarian. She comes from the era of those politicians who has seen and have been the part of journey of BJP. She has stood by the party in its thick and thin. She had her own aura and has some exceptional oratory skills. Her contribution to the party is huge and the void created in the party after her demise can never be filled. 

Pramod Mahajan

Fondly known as Media Daddy, Pramod Mahajan was dashing politician. He was the politician who had his Charisma and he master of words and strategies. He was a next gen BJP politician who had a promising journey of being a party worker to union minister. He was considered the master mind of bjp politics in Maharashtra. His strategies would have been handful if would have been there during 2019 Maharashtra political saga.