These Are The Misogynistic Statements Made By Politicians Which Landed Them Into Controversy


There are many women politicians in India however not high in number man. Every political party has a women’s wing and ensuring women’s safety, women’s rights, policies for the empowerment of women are on the agenda of every political party. India, as a country is still facing issues like disparity in payments between men and women, girl child education, etc. and our government, has run campaign and policy like Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao were government still have to work on changing the mentality of the society regarding women or a girl child.

But the major problem arises when those elected in power by people through elections disrespect women or makes statements that degrade women’s dignity. Politicians at times in the flow or at times whether intentionally or unintentionally make statements that demean women’s respect. They forget that their very own party too has female politicians or above that no one has given the right to disrespect any individual in the society.

The patriarchy is so deeply rooted that even in the 21st century when women are doing wonders across all fraternities there are still people who consider women weak or as it is said ‘abala nari.’ Here we take a look at some of the misogynist remarks made by leaders which created controversies.

BJP MLA Ram Kadam Dahi Handi incident

In 2018, the Dahi handi festival was organized in Ghatkopar like every other part of Maharashtra. Video footage went viral on social media in which BJP MLA from Ghatkopar constituency Ram Kadam was seen interacting with the youth. He was assuring youngsters that they can approach him anytime for any work. And adding further speaking in Marathi he said, youngsters, come to him after girls reject their proposal. He said he will help them hundred percent to get the girl to come to me with your parents and we will get (kidnap) the concerned girl. This turned out to be a huge issue and criticized him though later he apologized what’s said can’t be unsaid!

In march BJP leader and former CM of Uttarakhand statement on ripped jeans-

Former Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat had made an orthodox comment about a lady who was donning ripped jeans and was having a kid with her who he saw on the flight and being judgemental he said what values will this lady teach to her kid just because she was wearing ripped jeans. This created furry amongst citizens especially women and after that #rippedjeans was trended on social media platforms. This incident displayed the orthodox mentality of the BJP leader.

Prime Minister Remark Of Didi O Didi

Prime minister Narendra Modi during the campaign elections of West Bengal used the misogynist term Didi O Didi to take a jibe sitting chief minister of West Bengal and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee. Many termed pm’s remarks as cheap and said that it suits to the person who is on the post of prime minister and in fact coming from anyone to any woman is equally wrong.