Trembling Democracies Of The World – An Opportunity For Autocrats To Implement Their Ideas And Divide The World

The Brawl Between The Democracies And Autocracies Continues To Impact The World And The Recent Crisis In Europe Proved It!


Europe is going through multiple crises these days taking from migrant issues on the border of Poland and Belarus to the possibility of Ukraine’s invasion by Russia and even the recent disaster of migrants’ boats getting sank in the channel in France. Many have accused Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarus’s President Alexander Lukashenko of igniting the migrant’s issue in order to reveal problems in the European Democracy which democratic countries try to conceal with ‘all is well’ format.

Vladimir Putin And Lukashenko’s Idea Of Division

But it appears that they have in a way achieved their agenda of dividing Europe over border issues. Autocrats like Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin have grabbed the opportunity to divide, discourage and sow the seeds of friction in the democracies nearest to them, in Europe. A country like Belarus ruled by the so-called last dictator of Europe Lukashenko has infringed so many human rights and yet points at other countries like Poland for violating human rights terming it as a black spot on Democracy.

Joe Biden And Democracy

When Joe Biden got elected as the president of the USA, democracy in a way got stable. During trump’s tenure democracy has faced several assaults. Biden had emphasized that Democracy is under attack. In February this year, while addressing the audience in Germany, he said, “We must demonstrate that democracy can still deliver for our people in this changing world. That, in my view, is our galvanizing mission.”

The Ideology Of ‘Outsiders’

The idea of love for one’s own nation more than anything is developing rapidly in several countries across the globe. This has resulted in issues of migrants as people of a particular country wants all the attention and perks of development for themselves and not others who popularly these days are called ‘Outsiders.’ Border issues also gets ignited due to such ideologies the best example of this is Rohingya crisis in Myanmar and refugee crisis in Indian states of West Bengal and Assam, Arunachal Pradesh.

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Far Right Extremism

Due to the spread of this idea the minority communities in the form of race, religion, caste, language, etc face discrimination, feel insecure. A recent example of the attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh. Thus the far-right extremism and the authoritarian ideas get space to expand when by emphasizing the ideas that spread hatred and divide the nations internally and externally.

Drivers Of Right Wing Ideas

The commonality in the right-wing parties and their leaders is that they are all nationalist right-wing populist followers. However, the idea and its intensity differ from country to country and person to person but the basic idea of right-wing ideas remains the same. The question of identity and fear of losing it is commonly found amongst the citizens these days. Religions, race, cross cultures, large-scale immigration have become drivers of right-wing ideas getting chosen by the people.

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It somewhere poses a threat to democratic ideas or world democracy as a whole. There is resistance to accepting liberal ideas. Thus the situation across the world is such that democracy is at stake. And Democratic leaders at the earliest should come together and conduct a summit of democracies.