Twitter And Its ‘Boycott Trends’ Is New Normal In India


Twitter is a platform that was in the headlines for several months because of its dispute with the central government. Twitter has a platform that got its limelight in India after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Before that Twitter does exist but its users were niche. Post-2014 elections even a common man had his account opened on Twitter who were back then immensely influenced by BJP and the newly elected PM Narendra Modi.

Opposition Congress too soon realized the need to become active on a platform like Twitter. People started expressing their opinions fearlessly on this platform. Later entertainment industry too became active on Twitter with celebrities having their accounts which also resulted in the fan club accounts of different celebrities from India.

Hashtag trends started playing a key role. Some news was made on hashtags trends. Celebrities started creating curiosity among their fans and Twitter by posting trailer launches, film launch announcements, and news related to the industry.

Today Twitter has become a medium to create gossips and spread propaganda. The rise in the use of OTT platforms especially after the Pandemic has resulted in the increase of controversies on social media. Because several films and web series are based on politics fictional and non-fictional are released on such platforms and since there is no censorship for the OTT makers try to keep film or web series as realistic as possible.

But this results in people’s religious sentiment or followers of any belief or person gets hurt. And they trend hashtags like Boycott. And how it has become a new normal. Recently several hashtags like boycott tandav, boycott Kareena Kapoor khan, boycott Radhika Apte, boycott myntra trended on Twitter. Last year boycott Tanishq (Jewelry brand )too had created a buzz on social media. People expressed disappointment and anger with its advertisement which according to many hurt the sentiments of Hindus. In fact once hashtag boycott twitter was trended on twitter itself. 

All such incidents depict that there is rising intolerance and divisive forces. People are getting conservative. More hatred is being created amongst citizens. In a way, it also leads to the infringement of freedom of art and expression. The advantage of these hashtags is taken by politicians to spread their agenda under this pretext.

Social media like Twitter is indeed a medium for expressing views but it should not result in creating animosity. Today anything out so everything can go viral thus one needs to be cautious that their tweet or post will create chaos and public disorder in the society. People need to be responsible users of social media. People should realize that if they does not agree with something be it product, brand, film, web series or anything does not mean others too will have or should have the same opinion. Netizens should understand that everyone have their views which might not be same as their. At times the one who disagrees with any boycott trend has to face the hatred from the people, which has to be stopped.