Two Things Assured From ‘83’- Cinema Hall Culture Will Never Get Outdated And An Answer To Why Cricket Is Emotion In India

Films And Cricket Are Two Of The Most Talked About Topics In India And Film 83 Highlighted Cinema Hall Culture And Why Cricket  As A Sport Has So Much Importance In India


Cricket is a sport that has gained immense importance from the pre-independence era in India. It is a sport which is popularly known as a gentlemen’s game. The game was made popular by Britain in India and many parts of the world. Over the years the cricket has game has evolved taking from its formats, rules, and players across the globe.

1983 World Cup

India scripted history in Cricket when it won a world cup in 1983. It was the first time India won a world cup till then Indian team was considered an underdog whom no one believed in. Today in 2022 India has changed the face of cricket across the world with world-class players and several records on its name.  The 1983 world laid the foundation stone for the new cricket in India.

Film 83

In December 2021 a film was released on the 1983’s India’s victory against then defending champions west indies which had left the world in complete awe! The film helmed by Kabir Khan has struck all the right chords to the spectators. It is a film that left many nostalgic, many emotional, many cheerful and created a sentiment of oneness and proved how Cricket is a different religion in India.

Theatres And OTT

When in pandemic the theatres, cinema halls were shut and the OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hotstar, etc were on the rise gained a lot of viewers from across generations as it had become the only medium of entertainment. So many filmmakers were releasing their films and content on these platforms.

At that time an opinion has created that rise in OTT will affect the theatre business. It will end the Box office collection trend, the superstar trend, etc. But the film 83 proved the cinema culture will not get outdated in India. Nothing can replace the Big Silver Screen. Nothing can replace the environment of the cinema hall.

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83 Film And 1983 World Cup In Real

When India lifted the world cup, or the catch of Vivian Richards that turned the course of the final 1983 match was filmed in the film 83 people in cinema halls were clapping and whistling as if they are watching a live match. The celebration shown post winning the match was no less than the festival in the nation and many who have experienced in real were in complete nostalgia.

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Film And Cricket In India

It was the match that helped India to earn the respect globally and that is why cricket has got that importance in India. It is the game why it unites people. The film 83 is the answer for all who ask why cricket is a religion in India? The acting done by all the actors is so fabulous that it resembles the real cricketers.

Since then the course of the Indian cricket was changed in India and today Indian Cricket team both men and women are one of the finest in the world. And 83 revealed Cinema’s vibe on the big screen is irreplaceable!