Uddhav Thackeray Patient, Caring And Poised CM Of Maharashtra


When Uddhav Thackeray took oath as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra on November 28, 2019, there was a huge discussion in the political circles as he is the person who had never been on any political post prior to this be it corporator, MLA or MLC neither had contested any election and he directly became the chief minister of Maharashtra.

Many doubted his capabilities of governance. Many said that running a political party is different and governing a state is way more different. Ever since the government is formed in November 2019 led by him they have faced and continue to face a lot of difficulties. It started off with the deadliest one that is the COVID pandemic.

This disease was novel for everyone in the world. No one knew the right way to tackle it. Yet very meticulously he handled the situation. As a CM at times he faced harsh criticism and personal attacks from the opposition BJP.  Governor stalled his election as a member of the legislative council. Plus on the other hand, he had to care for the migrant workers who were on their way to their villages.

Later, His government had to handle the natural disaster or Nisarg Cyclone. The MVA government was targeted and allegedly linked with the case of the demise of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. On the other hand, people were demanding ease in the covid norms and restrictions. They had to handle the economic crisis as well.  Thus to stabilize the economy businesses were recommenced.

But sooner they had to deal with the second wave of covid in the state amidst political chaos over the pooja Chavan case and anil Deshmukh alleged money laundering case. The second wave of the corona was grave. There was a shortage of oxygen, medicines, ventilators, and other medical supplies. In addition, there was a row of confusion over-vaccination. Taking from the price of the vaccine, supply of vaccine to age groups of vaccination everything was dicey and a tussle over all these issues with the central government.

Meanwhile, there was another natural disaster cyclone Tauktae in Maharashtra. On the political front, there is demand for reservation of Marathas and OBCs. Thus all the problems and challenges were cropping up one after the other.

But Uddhav Thackeray managed to come out of it all and every time he came stronger. He has his exquisite fan base all over Maharashtra who is fond of his calming speech. Every time he addresses the state people feels like he is a member of the family.  His addresses are fact-based and unambiguous giving the reality check.

He listens to everyone patiently but only does what is best for people. He very cautiously criticizes the opposition leaders. After both the disasters Nisarg, Tauktae, and even the recent landslide incident in Raigad and flood situation in Ratnagiri he personally visited all the places to review the situation and announce the relief packages for the victims. Probably he is the only CM of Maharashtra who has faced so many problems within just one and half year of swearing-in as the CM. But he has passed all the exams with flying colors because of his poised nature.