Vir Das Monologue Of ‘Two Indias’ Has Hit The Nerves Of Trollers Because Indeed Truth Is Bitter

Vir Das Through His Monologue ‘Two Indias’ Has Tried To Put Across The Reality Of ‘New’ India Which Obviously Did Not Go Down Well With Many, But Kapil Sibal Has Put It In Right Words.


Indian comedian Vir Das is confronting a wave of excoriation full of hatred by the trollers on social media. Well, so-called ‘nationalists’ trolling someone for putting across an idea they do not believe in has become normal for liberals. This time it’s Vir Das. The Indian comedian shared a video of his monologue titled ‘Two Indias’ which he performed at his show at Washington’s Kennedy Centre.

In his six minutes monologue he has satirically unfolded two sides of India one which is indeed glorious but the other which is a dark side. The dark side which everyone Indian deep down in the heart knows exists which some easily accept while others just resist to accept it. But whether accepting it or not will not change the reality.

Here we take a look at the issues highlighted by Vir Das in his monologue ‘Two Indias’ which has hit the nerves of many.

Women’s Safety Issue

Vir Das very rightly says that he comes from India where women are worshiped during the day and are gang-raped at night. This is indeed true. The rape cases against women are increasing day by day all over India and one cannot deny this fact. If anyone does so then they are lying to themselves. The question of women’s safety remains a prominent issue in India.

A Dig Over Farmers Issue

It will now be a year to the farmers’ protest that is ongoing in the capital city of Delhi against the three farm laws. Several attempts were made to remove the protesting farmers from the borders of Delhi. Recently, in an unfortunate incident at Lakhimpur Uttar Pradesh farmers were crushed by a rushing car owned by ministers son yet so stringent action is taken yet. Thus when Vir Das says we take pride in being vegetarian yet run over the farmers who grow vegetables then there is nothing wrong with it. It’s again a harsh reality.

Reality In India After Cricket Team Lost Against Pakistan

Recently, when India lost a cricket match against Pakistan in the T-20 world cup outrage was seen on social media by trollers. Indian bowler Mohammed Shami was targeted because of his religion by many so-called ‘Hindu nationalists.’ Indian cricketers were abused. So Vir Das saying we bleed blue every time we play green but every time we lose to green we turn orange is indeed hardcore truth.

There are several other points that he has highlighted and did not go down well with many. People are becoming intolerant day by day. People are being hypocrites. If they do something then it’s right but if someone else does it in another way then is wrong that is the mentality growing and spreading in the nation. There are indeed two Indias were in one rich are becoming richer while poor are becoming poorer. The gap between rural and urban is increasing making it ‘Two Indias.’

Senior Advocate and leader Kapil Sibal have put it in the right words to extend his support to Vir Das. He has written, “Vir Das, None can doubt that there are two Indias. Just that we don’t want an Indian to tell the world about it. We are intolerant and hypocritical.”