Virtual Meet Between Two Powerful Countries- the US And China With A Tinge Of Friction On Varied Issues Trade To Taiwan

The Dispute Between the US And China Has Its Roots From Decades Over Taiwan; Trade Is The Common Faction That Keeping Pragmatic Relations Among Them.


A virtual summit was held between US president Joe Biden and China’s President Xi Jinping on Monday. The meet was three and half hours long and it had eyes millions from across the world. As the countries are a powerful force in the world. The cooperation and conflict between them affect several other nations depending on their nature.

Both the countries have many subjects to work on and need mutual understanding. But both of them look for a win-win situation. The two powerful countries discussed various topics taking from regional disputes to technology, trade, and human rights issues. After the summit in different statements released by both, the sides highlighted the topics of contention that mattered most however there was no clarification on breakthroughs.

Here we take a look at five key take topics from the virtual meet between US president Joe Biden and China’s President Xi Jinping and why the friction continues to remain between the two.

Power In Pacific

US and China want to expand their dominance in the pacific. It is the prolonged desire of powerful nations. On one hand, China is working on the lines to become the most powerful country in Asia and thus increasing its military base in the region. While on the other hand, the Biden administration is augmenting US ties with nations like India, Japan, Australia for persisting dominance in the region.

Tension Over Taiwan

Taiwan remains a reason for dispute between the US and China for several decades. The tension has aroused several times as they tried to have control in the region. China always claims Taiwan as its territory. And its supervision of the region through its warplanes is a reminder of its claim and intention. The United States however has extended its solidarity with Taiwan and showed readiness for defending Taiwan. President Biden has committed to protecting Taiwan.

Ties Through Trade

Business and economics has always a common point for the countries to have some amount of co-operation. As both the countries heavily depend on each other’s import and exports. They are highly dependent on each other when it comes to trade and thus no side can afford to detach on this subject. However, the tariff fight between the countries continues.

Hype On Human Rights

America always blames China for infringing human rights. But it has never affected China’s authoritarian leadership. America considers itself as the torchbearer of democracy and human rights. It had supported pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong resulting in the imposition of sanctions on China. The US has also raised concerns about labors policies.

Tussle Over Technology

Both countries blame each other for hacking, stealing data, information, patents, etc. Also, there is a race going on between China and US to gain supremacy in technology and become number one in the world. Organizations like Tesla, Apple, Intel have a huge market in China. Whereas Chinese firm like Alibaba has prominence in the US and around the globe.