What Emergency In Canada Announced By PM Justin Trudeau Means To The World!

Threat Of Authoritarian Rule Looms On Canada As PM Justin Trudeau National Emergency And It Came As A Shockwave For The World


An emergency is a veto power that is used by the leader of the nation when the country is on the brink of war or conflict. However, it is often misused by the leaders for selfish motives primarily when they realize there is a threat to their power. When someone challenges them or their policies. That’s what happened in Canada.

How The Protest Began

It all began with an anti-vaccine protest by the agitators who were criticizing Trudeau and his policies. The protest had gained a lot of support as the capital Ottawa was blocked and it had disrupted everyday life. The protest is going on for over three weeks. It was mainly against the order that vaccination was mandatory for the truckers to cross the Canada-US border.

US- Canada Relations

As soon as the protests had begun its impact was visible. It not only affected Canada’s economy but also its relationship with the US. The government of Canada had termed these protests as illegal and an act of violating law and order in the nation.  The Windsor Bridge was shut was reopened for traffic after police took the action. The bridge is at the core of US-Canada trade relations.

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Emergency Act

The emergency act imposed by the Canadian PM was just the second time in Canada’s history. Earlier it was used in 1970 by then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, father of Justin Trudeau under the situation of external threat. The Quebec terrorists had abducted a British diplomat and a Quebec politician. The imposition of the act had suspended civil liberties and had sent in armed forces to rescue the abducted leaders.

World’s Attention

The news of invoking the emergency act in Canada called for the world’s attention. Many liberals criticized this decision. Many believed that this will take Canada on the path of dictatorship. There is already an influence of right-wing leaders in the world. Also, it came at the backdrop of the worsening situation in Ukraine between Russia and the US.

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Restrictions Under Emergency Act

The act imposed by Trudeau has given more powers to police to main law and order in the capital city. The government has also banned rallies and blockades in certain areas like borders, airports, and Canada’s capital city Ottawa. But on the other hand, the government has tried to ensure that the fundamental rights of Canadians will not be revoked.

An emergency is imposed when there is an internal disturbance as well. India has experienced national emergy when then prime minister Indira Gandhi felt there is an internal threat to her government by the opposition.  The incident also brings to a question that is protesting considered a threat by leaders? Conducting protest is a sign of healthy democracy but when such action as posing an emergency is taken it is an infringement of democracy.

Social Media Impact

The decision of Trudeau was also trending on social media. Hashtags like ‘Canada has fallen’, ‘emergency’, ‘PM Trudeau’ were amongst trending hashtags. As of now the imposition of emergency has anguished the protestors and the protests are still going on!