What Happened In Tripura That Had Consequences On Maharashtra’s Amravati

Riots Broke Out In Maharashtra’s Amravati As The Aftermath Of Events That Took Place In Tripura Resulting In Political Dispute In Maharashtra


Violence took place in Maharashtra’s Amravati district on Saturday, November 13.  A huge mob of people went on vandalizing shops and private properties on Saturday morning in Amravati. Local Police officers tried to stop them but however failded to do so. Later, personnel from State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) were deployed at the location were mob had gathered. Politically, it is being said that it was a planned conspiracy to distabilize the Maha Vikas Aghadi government will result in imposition of president’s rule in the state.

Violence In Amravati

The violence in Amravati has roots in riots that unfolded in Tripura. In October several proterties owned by muslim communities and mosques were destroyed in Tripura. It resulted in violent dispute between people from hindu community and policemen. The protesting group accused that police stopped them from holding protest against the attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh.

What Happened In Tripura

More than 10 incidents of communal violence were reported with four days in Tripura. Administrators have imposed ban on public gatherings as the shops owned by muslim owner and mosques were rampaged. A rally participated by more than 3,500 hardcore hindu activists was also conducted after the attacks. As per the sources the rally was carried by Hindu organisation- Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP).


Tripura’s Background

Tripura currently has BJP govrnment which was elected in 2018. The ringht wing party came to power in the state by ending 25 years of communist rule. If one considers Tripura demographics then from three sides Tripura is surrounded by bangladesh and remanining one side from Assam. In the current scenario Tripura is protect by Tripura’s police personnel. Tripura comprises of less than 9% muslim’s community that is around 4.2 million population.

Amravati’s Current Scenario

As an after effect of this incident, on Saturday communal riots broke out in Maharashtra’s Amravati district. The violence started to commence on Friday afternoon and later it got intensified on Saturday. As per the reports it is being said that those who conducted rally did not take legal permission from the authorities. State Home Minister Dilip Walse Patil had warned of stern action against those involved in violence.


The BJP had called for band in Amravati on Saturday till 4 pm. However, the band turned out to be violent. As a preventive measure curfew is imposed in Amravati. As of now the situation is under control. But tensed situation remains in Amravati, Malegaon and Nanded area. Many are saying today’s violence in Amravati was politically motivated.

Views Of Political Leaders On Maharashtra

Shivsena’s MP Sanjay Raut said, “There was no reason for calling a bandh on Friday. The ones who called for the bandh must be behind the violence as well. Because Bhartiya Janata Party cannot do politics without using religious divide or caste divide or dangals (riots). The same picture can be seen in Amravati.” While, State opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis stated, “It is my ardent appeal to people from both the communities to maintain peace. Nobody should indulge in any violence.”