What’s Happening In Ethiopia? How Tables Turned For Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed And Ethiopia

The Second Most Populous South African Country Ethiopia Is Experiencing An Upheaval With Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Government Being Precarious


Several ethnic groups have come together to raise a civil war and overthrow prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s government in Ethiopia. The other threat and looms on him is the conflict with Egypt and Sudan over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The crisis in the country has already started emerging as different fronts have come together to outlaw the existing government.

Crisis In Ethiopia

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), The Oromo Liberation Army have gathered some kilometers away from the capital city Addis Ababa. Ahmed’s rule and security are at stake now yet the government is trying to handle the situation using military and financial aid. As of now, a state of emergency is imposed in the country.


United Nations On Ethiopia

The United Nations is closely monitoring the situation and has raised concerns about human rights as around 1000 people are arrested. This announcement of a state of emergency in Ethiopia came after the fronts warned the government that they will march on the capital. The conflict had begun to unfold last year and so far TPLF has killed thousands, displaced over two million people, and left thousands in famine-like conditions.

Abiy Ahmed And His Initial Days

Abiy Ahmed was elected as the prime minister in 2018. When he got elected he was a very popular leader. He had made promises of bringing prosperity and reconciliation in the country that was on the brink of crisis. In his initial days as the prime minister tried to bring on a wave of change in the country by freeing thousands of political leaders who were imprisoned, curbed restrictions on the press, revived exiles, and lifted a ban on opposition parties, encouraging women empowerment by electing women in his cabinet, freed country’s stringent economy for new investment and opportunities, etc.

Accusations On Abiy Ahmed

He had promised to bring peace and equality amongst the Ethiopian ethnic groups but he did not act on it. He did not make an effort to reduce the hatred amongst them and today many Tigrayians blame him for creating atrocity, refugee, and famine crises in the Tigray region. They were also accused of being authoritarian who never believed in democracy.

In 2019 Abiy Ahmed was honored with Noble Peace Prize however how many reckon that he did not deserve the award and has cheated the people of Ethiopia. The west failed to know the real personality of Abiy Ahmed.


Dispute With Tigrayans And Over GRED

The Tigrayans aren’t the only ones who are furious but even in Abiy’s hometown, Oromia, and other administrative zones, people commenced to demand self-rule. And soon after that, the government began to work on the path of authoritarian practices.

The other conflict of GRED is also on the rise. However, it is a prolonged dispute between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia over an important hydroelectric dam being built on the River Nile. Egypt and Sudan have both alleged that Ethiopia for two years has acted unilaterally and started to fill up the reservoir behind the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Gerd). Ethiopia sees GRED as a way to bring electricity to millions of its citizens.