Where Does India Stands? World, Women And The Law

women across the world are fighting to solve their problems in developed countries their problems are different wider. And Indian women and all the citizens too need to see women's problems with wider binocular


India was shaken by the terrifying news of the heinous crime of rape in Mumbai on Friday (10 September midnight) in the Sakinaka area of the city. A 34-year-old victim lost her battle in the Rajawadi hospital after being raped and assaulted by an iron rod in the inner parts of the body. The news reminded people about the equally horrific rape crime that had happened in 2012 in Delhi known as the Nirbhaya Case.

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Issues Faced By Women

Its been 9 years since that case but the situation of women’s safety in India has not changed at all. Though tougher laws are made but seem they are of no use there is no fear among the culprits about the law or the system. There is news of women’s harassment every other day which comes from across the country. Some news gets highlighted while some don’t even get the recognition.

Social Media And Social Problems

People will demand justice on social media holding placards in their hands while some will register their condemnation of the act. That will create a buzz in the virtual world for a day or Two and third-day people will even forget about it. And it will not make any difference in women’s safety issues.

Unheard Issues Confronted By Women

And it is a shameful but harsh reality that rape and sexual assault are becoming a ‘common crime’. However, women’s issues in India are not just limited to Rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, dowry, girls going missing, etc but there are several other topics that are not even discussed nor any legal process is done for it. there are problems that go unheard.

Though women across the world are fighting to solve their problems in developed countries their problems are different wider. And Indian women and all the citizens too need to see women’s problems with wider binocular.

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Ukraine matter of Women Parade in High Heels

August 24 marked the 30th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine from the Soviet Union. As part of the celebration women, military personnel was made to parade in High heels and not military shoes. the decision to march in high heels fumed a number of lawmakers. Shoes with heels are incompatible with the combat capability of soldiers, and a ‘Prussian’ step on a parade in such shoes is deliberate harm to the health of soldiers was the reason stated by many. This here is to mention that they are discussing this issue while on the other hand in India the doors of the National Defense Academy (NDA) got opened for women in 2021. Thus it will take many more years for India to have a discussion on a topic like boots and high heels.

French women set freed after killing abusive husband

French lady Valerie Bacot was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment after admitting to killing her husband. She tolerated abuse from her husband for more than 2 decades. More than 700,000 people signed a petition calling for her release. She was sentenced to four years’ jail, with three suspended, but released because of the year she had already served. This news of her acquittal was not just celebrated in France but across the world. And the french court was hailed for the decision. The culprits in the Nirbhaya case were punished after 8 eight years of the incident.  That shows the pace of the justice served in India.