World And The Cyber War


Israeli spyware software Pegasus has created mayhem in global politics. The software of the NSO group is being used to spy on the person’s digital data taking from phone tapping to every single move a person does on his mobile phone and internet. It has been used in different countries across the globe including India and on more than 50,000 people.

The world has faced several revolutions and then two disastrous wars and the cold war as well. The intensity of world war 2nd was such that people of some countries are still experiencing its consequence. The cold war was a war to gain power in the world between two ideological blocks that ended in 1991.  Since then every country has focused on development in all forms taking from economy to infrastructure, lifestyle, and military power.

The race and lust for having the world’s largest army and power never stopped and continues even today. Later, with development, every country increased its combatting strength with nuclear and hydrogen weapons. With all this on the other hand technology too was developing at a faster pace across the globe.

People were introduced to the internet which initially was seen as a boon to mankind. It made life easier in the way mankind would have expected. This technological innovation slowly spread to different parts of the world and today world became a global village as put across by Marshal McLuhan.

The power of the internet was witnessed in several global incidents Arab spring and Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Technology developed even more and today’s world runs digitally. The Covid pandemic, even more, increased the use of technology. But as it developed and people learned about it more there came the curse. With the misuse of technology, there started cyber crimes. People started hacking important data and other online frauds increased.

During the covid pandemic, there was an incident where hackers stole Pfizer/BioNTech’s vaccine data in Europe. In India, there were reports of china state-backed hackers targeted IT systems of two Indian vaccine manufacturers. The hackers’ army in North Korea is rising day by day. According to the United States Department of Justice, three North Korean military hackers cited in “wide-ranging scheme to commit cyberattacks and financial crimes across the globe.”

There is a report of Russian cyberattacks alleged by Microsoft. It said Russian cyberattacks have targeted government agencies and human rights groups in over 24 nations majorly in the US.

Now the world is astounded with the Pegasus spyware because of which the privacy of around 50,000 people from different countries is breached. The software can find a way into the target’s device unknowingly. As per the joint global media reports, Pegasus was used during the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018.

Considering the increasing misuse of technology globally, the world is on the brink of another war that is Cyber War and probably it’s already commenced which will not be fought between the armies of the countries but it will be fought for the important data, personal information, and capital.