World Should Not Remain Under The Pretext That Afghanistan Is The Only Threat- Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Iraq Are Even Worst Nightmares

Taliban’s Takeover Of Afghanistan Left The World Paniked With Threat That It Will Become A Hub Of Terror But World Should Also Not Forget Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Iraq Possess A Bigger Threat


Ever since US troops started preparing for their withdrawal from Afghanistan Taliban too had parallelly commenced their actions to take over Afghanistan’s rule. And by September 2021’s first week it Taliban took over the control. At that time many believed that the country will become a hub for different terrorist organizations to operate and many terror groups will be able to make their base there.

Crisis In Afghanistan

Though Taliban from its parts tried to convince the world that they are not the threat and have opted to work with peaceful means. But the country is devastated and is facing a grave humanitarian crisis with gross financial problems. People there are starving. United Nations has raised alarms about the current situation in Afghanistan.

Terrorist Attacks In Afghanistan

Now, the situation in Afghanistan is such that it has seen some dreadful severe terror attacks in the last 4 months. The responsibility for most of the attacks is taken by ISIL. Many attacks were conducted by suicide bombers in public places like mosques, squares, and hospitals. Brutal public shootings were also carried out by terrorist organizations.

Terrorist Organization’s Like Al-Qaeda

It is fact that Afghanistan has become a safe place for terrorist organizations like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Lashkar e Taiba, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jamaat-ul-Arhar, Lashkar-e-Islam, Jaish e Mohammad but one can also not deny that ISIS and Al-Qaeda have a strong base in war-torn countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia.

Terrorism In Syria And Iraq

ISIS carries out its operations swiftly from and in Syria and Iraq even though they faced the wrath of the US military in an attempt to mitigate their presence in the region. As per the United Nations report, the situation in Yemen is worsening and has become the epicenter of serious crimes and grave infringement of human rights. The country is in a war-like situation for almost a decade.

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Somalia’s Terrorist Group Al-Shabab

In Somalia, Al-Qaeda’s sub-group Al-Shabab is very active carries out several attacks at the time when a country is facing some grave humanitarian crisis. The activities operated by terrorist organizations in countries cannot be dodged. Considering Afghanistan as the country to pose threat is wrong as these countries too are equally pose a threat to the world.

UN Security Council’s Counter Terrorism Committee

During the recent meeting of the United Nations Security Council, it was stressed by the committee members that vital co-operation is required amongst the countries to combat global terrorism which is a threat to humanity. As per the committee’s report, the region which is most affected by terrorism in Africa and the terrorist organizations responsible for the same are ISIL, Al-Qaeda, ISIS.

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The committee is also working to fight against the proliferation of nuclear weapons by non-state actors. Terrorist groups are constantly in search of deadly weapons of mass destruction and can go to any heights and commit any extreme crimes to have the weapons. And if that happens that will even more become dangerous for the world which can lead to catastrophic humanitarian, economic, social, and political crises.