Year At Glance: From Fire In Hospitals To Recent CDS Gen. Bipin Rawat’s Chopper Accident Here Are Five Dreadful Accidents In India That Shook The Nation

In 2021 Several Unfortunate Accidents Took Place Which Resulted In The Loss Of Innocent Human Lives And Loss Of The Nation With the Accident Of  CDS Bipin Rawat’s Chopper Being The Recent One!


Certain events or incidents are not in our hands they just happen because of someone else’s mistake or at times mistakes done by ourselves. But at times someone’s irresponsibility or lack of attention, ignorance of minor problems, misunderstandings can become dangerous for others.  Sometimes we term them as accidents while at times the unfortunate incident. But eventually, its heart shattering when people lose their loved ones.

This year India unfortunately has witnessed some heart-wrenching incidents that left the nation mourning and in deep sorrow and anguish. When such an incident takes place it becomes problematic with the question of whom to blame? Who will be responsible for it? Whether the victims will get justice? These questions go unanswered.

Here in this article, we note 5 major spine-chilling incidents amongst many that took place in different parts of the nation so that it does not take place again hopefully in the coming New Year.

Deaths In Uttar Pradesh During Second Wave Of Covid

Even if to date the Uttar Pradesh’s state government denies that no death took place in the state during the second wave due to lack of medicines, and oxygen the burning pyres in the cemetery, and the dead bodies on the banks of river Ganga said the different story. There were reports of people with dead bodies in the queue at crematoriums which had created outrage in the state and from all over the nation.

Lakhimpur Kheri Incident

A yearlong farmers’ protest had gauged the eyeballs of global media as well and several violent incidents took place during the year-long protest amongst which one was the Lakhimpur Kheri incident. The protesting farmers in the region were crushed by the speeding car which is alleged to be the son of the BJP MP Ajay Mishra. It resulted in the death of eight citizens including four farmers.

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CDS Gen. Bipin Rawat’s Chopper Accident

India’s first Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Bipin Rawat lost his life in a chopper accident that carried 12 army personnel and his wife as well. All the passengers on board died in this crash. This news gave the chick wave to the entire nation and it is an unparalleled loss of the nation. Though SIT has been appointed to look into the matter it is not going to bring back the life of 14 departed souls.

Nagaland Incident

Recently 14 civilians were killed in the Indian state of Nagaland which is termed by the government as a ‘mistake.’ A mistake that took the life of 14 civilians where this is justified or not is a question. The army fired at the civilians misunderstanding them as militants as per the reports.  The incident resulted in violence and fury from the people.

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Bhandara Hospital Fire

10 newborn infants died in the Bhandara Hospital in the fire which was caused due to the short circuit as per the reports. The incident was heart-shattering as mothers lost their newborn children due to the mere negligence of the authorities. And no amount of compensation can make up for this loss.