Year At Glance: From Germany To Israel And Chile These Are The Five Countries That Witnessed Change In Leadership In 2021

2021 Is About To End Thus We Take A Look At The Five Countries Who New Leaders To Govern The Country Which Includes Israel, Germany, And Chile


This year witnessed a lot of change in the world. Several incidents took place that called for global attention. In many countries, people voted for the new government. It saw the fall and rise of many political leaders and their parties. Many countries got new leadership amongst which some were even historic while for some it ended an era.

Politics is dynamic in nature. It is the people who make it volatile equally with politicians. The new leadership forming government in any country matters for the rest of the world as well. Because as it is said the world is a global village. The new government brings in new policies, concepts, and ideology which at times is favorable for the other countries to maintain a healthy relationship while some turn out to be problematic. Thus, how the new government will take head bilateral ties and international relations is the question for the rest of the nations.

As soon this year is about to end we take a glace through the five countries that got a new government in the year 2021.

Israel- Naftali Bennett

Naftali Bennett took the oath as the new prime minister of Israel on June 14, 2021. He formed a coalition government ending the 12-year regime of former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It came as surprise for many because the government is formed by parties with different ideologies. He led a coalition of eight parties. As per the reports, the people of Israel wanted to change the former PM who was accused of corruption charges. Naftali Bennett is trying to improve relations with the west and even the gulf countries and continues to condemn Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Germany- Olaf Scholz

After ending Angela Merkel’s era as Chancellor for 16 years, Olaf Scholz became the new Chancellor of Germany. It was a historic moment when he was sworn in as Chancellor and Merkel ended her successful regime. It is a new beginning for Germany in all aspects. Olaf Scholz is leading an alliance government of three parties. Olaf is known as a leader of Masses and there are high hopes from him not just from the people of Germany but from the world leaders.

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Chile- Gabriel Boric

Chile recently went through the presidential election and turning the tables around the former student leader who believes in leftist ideology is all set to become the new and youngest president of Chile. He defeated far-right candidate José Antonio Kast who was initially leading the table. He is a young political promising leader who believes in democratic values and has assured people of change in Chile.

Japan- Fumio Kishida

Fumio Kishida was elected as the new prime minister of Japan in October this year. He is from the liberal democratic party. He is a liberal-minded diplomatic politician. He had several problems like economic recovery, relations with North Korea, handling pandemics, etc at hand from the day he took the office as prime minister.

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Nepal – Sher Bahadur Deuba

After Nepal’s Supreme Court gave the verdict that former prime minister K P Sharma Oli breached the constitutional principles Nepali Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba became the new Prime minister of Nepal.  He is leading the coalition government of three parties. Handling the pandemic situation, maintaining foreign relations, recovering the economy are some of the tasks that the new prime minister has to take care of.